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Gelato is a creamy, frozen dessert. In italian gelato means "frozen". Similar to American-style ice cream, gelato is a healthier alternative made with natural ingredients that include milk or water, sugar, nonfat milk powder, stabilizers, emulsifiers, natural flavors and air.

ice cream

  • Made with cream

  • 12%-25% butterfat content

  • Generally 228 calories per 3.5oz serving

  • Served at -5°F/-20°C to 0°F/-17°C

  • More air incorporated


  • Made with whole milk (sorbetto made with water)

  • 4%-8% butterfat content

  • Generally 90-160 calories per 3.5oz serving

  • Served at 0°F/-18°C to 7°F/-13°C, a slightly warmer temperature than ice cream

  • Creamier and denser

Ice Cream
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